Thursday, August 28, 2008

Team Work

Be sure to welcome the members of Friday Harbor Fire Dept. that are joining in our Firefighter 1 Class. Training begins on Wednesday Sept. 3rd at 19:00

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Smoke in the Area

With the recent rain fire danger has plumeted. As a result, burn permits will be available beginning on Tuesday Sept. 2, 2008. They may be purchased on line at or in person at Station 31. Seasonal permits are avaialbe for fires up to ten feet in diameter, and cost ten dollars. Land clearing or commercial fire permits are valid for one month and cost one hundred and fifty dollars.

Missed Coffee

Thanks for rolling out this morning. The call turned out to be steam/exhaust from a propane furnace. It is nice to know that people in the community are looking out for one another. I hope you had time to go home and get a cup of coffee before work.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Welcome! - and Welcome Back!

Welcome to the new San Juan Island Fire Department blog. Hopefully, you'll find that this space becomes one of your "go to" places to stay informed. I'll try to be good about posting current "Chief's Messages" here, along with other miscellaneous ramblings.

Welcome back to Lieutenants Monin and Lean, and Firefighter Howitt (Along with C-3 and Brush 312). They've spent more than a week working the Swanson Lake fire in Central Washington. They must have done a good job, because they were among the last to be demobilized. Great work and WELCOME HOME!

We're in Business

We’re changing the way we communicate on the web. The new site, (to be posted in the next couple of days), will have the policies, procedures, etc. It will also, in the future, have a members section.

Updates about what’s going on in the department will be posted here. If you have info to share forward it to the training office to be posted.